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Здесь вы можете писать статьи, вести блог или просто делиться со своими друзьями любимыми фото и видео. Вы блоггер, автор или писатель? Создание информативного и уникального контента является лучшим способом привлечь аудиторию.

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Here, We’re going to take a look at the best 15 best photo apps for iPhone, iPad and Android. These camera apps are available for free. Hopefully you’ll be able to find something new and exciting features that you would like to try.

1. Camera Fx8

Cool Picture Editor with Funny Photo Effects, Shapes, Overlays & Frames. Apply a bevy of effects, shapes, overlays, and borders to your camera feed in real-time with Camera Fx8.


2. Frametastic

Create unique and beautiful framed compositions by selecting a layout or let Frametastic generate a layout to fit any number of photos using auto-frame. Pinch to zoom and swipe to get the perfect composition, then apply beautiful effects to each individual photo, and change the size of the frame for the perfect look.

iPhone and iPad

3. FxCamera

FxCamera is a free, easy and creative camera app. With over 30 filters to choose from,

iPhone, Android

4. Sktchy

Sktchy makes photo sharing inspiring. Every day artists around the world create amazing portraits inspired by the photos on Sktchy. Drawings, paintings, sculptures — you never know what your photo might inspire an artist to create.

iPhone and iPad

5. Vintage Deco

Vintage Deco is a brand new iPhone photo app designed to give your images a retro scrapbook feel.


6. Camera360

Camera360 is a remarkable smartphone photo app. It’s perfectly self-contained with a huge range of functions, no ads and no insistence in promoting paid content.

iPhone, Android

7. Photo wonder

PhotoWonder is a magic photo makeover, cool and easy to take, beautify and share gorgeous photos on your phone.

iPhone, Android

8. Magic Hour Lite

Magic Hour is anything but another lame photo effect app. It offers a robust and flexible set of photo editing tools that allow you to create and share your own filters.

iPhone, Android

9. line Camera

Sleek and easy-to-use, line Camera comes with a solid range of filters, borders, icons and stamps. You can also add text to your pictures in over 100 fonts and 20 colours, making this free smartphone photo app one of the best for typography.

iPhone, Android

10. Pixlr-o-matic

Pixlr-o-matic is a fun and simple photography/darkroom app that makes it easy to quickly add style to your photos using effects, overlays, and borders.

iPhone and iPad, Android

11. dubble

dubble is a completely new photographic experience. For the first time you can really interact with another person photographically. Anyone can join and start mixing photos right away creating stunning multiple exposure images.

iPhone and iPad

12. Tadaa

Tadaa lets you adjust the strength of all its filters, which is ideal for people who like fine-tuning their photos with subtle effects. This iPhone photo app tries to get you to use its own social network, but you can still use all features without a login.


13. Rakuga Cute

You can create graffiti without degrading the photo quality.With the iPhone’s touch panel, you can simply move, enlarge/reduce and turn a stamp.


14. Photo Editor by Aviary

Aviary is a very pleasantly designed app that strikes the perfect balance between serious photo-editing and playful photo-decoration functions without looking bland or childish.

iPhone and iPad, Android

15. Sphere

Immerse yourself in 360º experiences. See Paris from a hot air balloon, feel the energy in the air from the American ldol stage, and hold onto your raft as you approach Hubbard Glacier. With Sphere, your devices become movable windows, allowing you to control your view as you teleport into exotic places.


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Studio365 Broadcasting Mobile App for iPhone & Android

Camera Apps can add some useful features to your android device easily and if you are looking for free camera apps for your android device, this article can give you list of some useful best camera apps. Here you can see the list of Top 10 Free Camera Apps For Android devices which can help you to increase your photography skill easily.
1. Camera360 Free - Camera360 is one of the most popular camera apps for android that lets users add amazing features to their android devices free of cost. This app also allows users to share their photos with friends. Camera360 comes with many useful features which can improve your photography skill easily. 2. Pixlr Express - Pixlr Express is a free photo app that lets users edit and improve photos' quality easily. You can adjust and edit your photos easily by using this great app. Pixlr Express comes with tons of photo editing features such as crop, re-size, fix any picture, red-eye removing option,  whiten teeth, social sharing etc. 3. Camera Magic - Camera Magic is a useful camera app that can be installed free of cost on your android device. With Camera Magic, you can easily turn your photos into artistic shape with expression. This funny camera app makes your photos funny and memorable.You can also share your artistic photos on the web using this app. 4. Action Snap - Action Snap is one of the best camera apps for android that can help you to take multiple photos at the same time. You can take multiple photos to capture any kind of memorable action or movement. Action snap also allows users to add cool effects on their taken snap shots. 5. Sketch Guru - A professional app that can be used to create pencil sketch of your photos. You can install this app free of cost on your android devices. Sketch Guru comes with social sharing option so that you can share your photography skill to friends. 6. Fx Camera - One of the best camera apps that can be installed free of cost. Fx camera is a useful camera app that can help you to take photos like a professional. 7. Color Touch Effects - Color Touch Effects is a useful camera app which allows you to recolor your images and add some special effects to your photographs. Simple user interface that can help you to recolor your images with ease. 8. Night Vision Camera - Useful free camera app that can help you to take photos in Night vision. This app comes with some unique features and also lets users adjust color of taken photos. 9. Pudding Camera - Pudding Camera is one of the most useful camera apps that comes with 9 Quality Cameras and 8 Beautiful Films which can add unique photography feature to your android device.  10. Multi lens Camera - Multi-lens camera helps users to take photos from multiple angles. You can take multiple photos at a same time.
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Ready to build your own coastal resort city? Start small in the early 1920s with simple bungalows and develop it over time into a cosmopolitan boomtown! During the course of sixty years, you will get to construct glittering hotels, fabulous

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There is much more that you can free android spy camera apps with this free android spy spy phone pro for android camera apps epic 4g free apps to spy.
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Here, Were going to take a look at the best 15 best photo apps for iPhone, iPad and Android. These camera apps are available for free.
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Retro Camera Review Free Android App You Should Not Miss. Retro Camera is cool camera app featured with amazing old styles.
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Here you can see the list of Top 10 Free Camera Apps For Android devices which can help you to increase your photography skill easily.
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Camera Fun Free - Camera Fun - The most entertaining Android camera app! Guaranteed! - Android Freeware Apps and Games.
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